Matt Jackson reportedly hurt during the tag team title match on AEW Dynamite

As previously noted, Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland defeated the Young Bucks and Team Taz (Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs) to capture the AEW tag team titles in the main event of AEW Dynamite’s “Fyter Fest” special on July 13th 2022.

During the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Bryan Alvarez of noted that Matt Jackson appeared to have suffered a stinger during the match after taking a vertical suplex from Keith Lee and Powerhouse Hobbs. Dave Meltzer said the following about Matt…

“The thing with Matt, though, is that Matt has had neck issues, I mean just from the wear and tear. It’s one of those things where you get hurt on a basic move but it’s because you’ve been doing so much stuff over the last… He’s probably worked a very bump-heavy style for, what, eighteen years? Seventeen years? Something like that, however many years it’s been. It’s been a lot of years. So, I think we’ve seen that with a lot of the injuries, that they’re on basic stuff, but they’re on body parts that are very worn out.

One of the matches with Pentagon and Fenix, I believe it was, I think it was the really good one. Not the most recent one, but the one before. It was like a jump off of something into a Canadian Destroyer. It was definitely a Canadian Destroyer where he was hurt. But, I mean, it wasn’t like serious… I don’t want to say ‘Not serious,’ he was hurt, but it’s not like he missed any time or anything like that, but the neck was hurt, and you know, I mean, his neck has hurt him for years at times.” (quote courtesy of