The reasons why AEW made commentary changes with Jim Ross

During his Grilling JR, AEW announcer Jim Ross commented on the recent changes with him doing commentary for Rampage and only the second hour of Dynamite…

“Well, that was a Tony Khan decision, creatively. I was coming out before the show when I was doing all of Dynamite, and the reception was humbling. The fans were glad to see me and they expressed themselves. The reception has been really good. So he thought in the middle of the show, speaking about Dynamite, needed a boost, so JR became the booster. So I now come out in the middle of the show. I’m still going to call the main event or main events as it may work out. Then we all take a bathroom break for the crew and so forth, and then we go right into taping Rampage.”

“So that’s the deal, just keeping me fresh and and quote unquote special, and trying to give Rampage a little boost commentary wise. So we need to obviously get the ratings up, which I think we are. So that’s the reason for that. No problem with me whatsoever. I get more exposure now than I did before because I was not on Rampage.” (quotes courtesy of