Backstage mood at WWE NXT was said to be “very depressing” amidst Saudi Arabia rumors

As previously noted, reports surfaced that WWE was being sold to Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund but it was later denied by sources within WWE.

Dave Meltzer of noted that some people have tried to tie in Stephanie McMahon’s resignation to women being considered as second-class citizens in Saudi Arabia. While the reports of a sale being finalized were shot down, it’s believed that Saudi Arabia’s PIF “would be fine” with Vince McMahon in control of the company if a sale went through and would “worry the least” if there were more scandals.

Meltzer wrote the following in regards to the how people backstage at WWE NXT on Tuesday were reacting to the Saudi Arabia rumors…

“The rumors were all over wrestling and led to a ton of concern among WWE talent hearing them. This included those working the live television taping for NXT where the mood was said to be very depressing as word got around during the actual filming of the show with the belief by many the story was true.”

Those within WWE have reportedly said that Saudi Arabia is in the running to buy the company but not the favorite.