AEW star says that the company “is on the same level” as WWE

While speaking to Chillin with ICE, AEW star Powerhouse Hobbs commented on the company being competition with WWE…

“We’re on the same level as them. We’re their competitors. They’re on national TV and we’re on national TV. We go head-to-head. We’re right on them. We’ve beat them in ratings at times. We’re right there on their neck. There are two major companies in this business, and it’s WWE and AEW. We’re right there with them.

When people say, ‘Do you ever want to go to WWE?’ I tell people, we’re right there with them. If you’re watching AEW or watching WWE, I think any wrestling fan should watch all wrestling. You’re getting all types of flavors. We’re right there on their neck.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)