WWE star believes that Ronda Rousey is under-appreciated by wrestling and MMA fans

During an interview with WrestleZone.com, WWE star Shayna Baszler said the following about Ronda Rousey…

“I think Ronda Rousey is, I think she’s under-appreciated. I think people like to hate her for whatever reason, and it’s been that way in MMA — it’s because she doesn’t mince her words. People like to, because they don’t like her personally, they like to try to erase what she’s done for women’s sports, women’s combat sports, the UFC & WWE.

They like to minimize that just because they don’t like her personally and I think that’s a shame. I might not be on the best terms [with her], but I will never deny that she did a lot for women’s combat sports. I think she’s under appreciated in some sense.”

Baszler defeated Rousey at Summerslam in what was Rousey’s final match under her WWE contract.