EC3 issues statement regarding report that people are becoming frustrated with Billy Corgan’s leadership of the NWA

This week, Nick Hausman of reported that talent within NWA have expressed frustration with Billy Corgan’s current leadership. Prior to the news of WWE NXT moving to the CW Network, there were rumors of CW picking up the NWA brand. However, there was a skit involving cocaine with Father James Mitchell that potentially created a negative impact when it came to the NWA’s chances of securing a deal with CW.

Hausman wrote the following about the frustrations…

“We heard from multiple people who said they do not know what will happen with their booking at NWA tapings until the day of the show, sometimes as close to an hour before filming. One source we spoke with was empathetic to Corgan’s struggle to balance his music and pro wrestling careers, but they are hopeful he puts a team of creative people around him to help filter his ideas.”

NWA worlds champion EC3 issued a statement to Hausman regarding the report…

2) This has never been communicated to me via talent or otherwise, and I communicate with all. A truly professional wrestler should be prepared for anything at anytime. They should be able to perform based on whatever opportunity is provided. “Plans in advance” OFTEN change.
There isn’t one wrestling company that this isn’t the case for.

While sometimes knowing in advance can be beneficial, perhaps in envisioning long form character arc and story told, a lot of the best moments and actions come when capable talent are put on the spot and trust their skills and intuition in the moments.

The day of the show provides AMPLE time if a talent requires to verbatim script a promo or “put together a match.” Neither should take long especially if/when a talent is confident in character, work, and ability.

Personally, I prefer to have a direction, then allowed the open canvas to create how I achieve that direction. I know WHO I AM and WHERE I WANT TO GO. I think others should trust themselves to do the same. It’s how good stories are told.

EX: Tonight on NWA POWERRR (6:05) I have a promo segment that I was informed of day of the show. I was given the destination that is taking us. I conversed with the talent involved on their goals and mission and end business for the segment. Then I had 5 hours till it was filmed. I was pleased with how it turned out.

By being present in the moment, you are always prepared for anything.

Continued in a moment have to do something

2) infrastructure is great and required on all facets of a growing business. Infrastructure is more imperative on a BUSINESS END than a CREATIVE END.

True creativity is a collaboration, and talents should be absolutely thankful they have freedom to explore as creatives because before they know it, they will work their asses off to one day maybe get an opportunity to BE A MUTE.

I don’t know what facets of growth are being held up that we would require a bakers dozens of low level Hollywood writers who have never seen wrestling, never been in a fight for anything, or never had an experience in athletic victory/defeat.

If it’s about promotional material or who is “being pushed” it’s not rocket science on who that is, but it’s also a HUGE OPPORTUNITY for a talent who might not be, to put themselves out there, show why they are special, and capture that. Simply by utilizing the team we have, from socials, to peers, a talent can send a promo to the team, get it aired. A talent can try an idea they have, film it, it can air. A talent can EASILY (and this is rare) TALK TO THE BOSS and pitch ideas.

I watched our boss sit and listen to a bunch of promos from extras (who don’t really have a shot), watch a bunch of practice matches from extras (who aren’t TV ready) and offer that to all.

Just because a talent is there, and semi being utilized, doesn’t mean anything is handed. Entitlement and complacency will have them, what, Anonymously bitching to the internet?

Post a seminar I did, I spent hours discussing non contracted talents with WPC so we can provide them legitimate feedback, again, even if they aren’t close to TV ready.

Why? Because we love this and share the same ideals that people deserve opportunity and the truth. I don’t think people understand the rarity of a boss who would put that time in. Took me a long time to find one.

Again, back to creative, I’d prefer one’s overall vision accompanied by a handful of trusted, experienced, smart “wrestling people” to see it through.

Again though, hindsight 20/20 sometimes there can be too much freedom and people do dumb things.

I hope that answer was sufficient.

4) I know only my business, and my business alone as far as contracts and older talent etc. I’m very happy with mine as I get to represent and grow the brand, while also challenge myself with other creative endeavors in wrestling and beyond. While NWA is my home, I can spread our, and my own, brand on multiple fronts.

This industry is a constant test. Being “frustrated by tests” is, just, something I’d never say or complain about (to the internet.) If I am challenged to do something, in lieu of frustrated complaining, I’d channel that frustration to take whatever test I’ve been given, and get better by accepting the challenge. Even if it’s just a “F-U” to the person who put me through it.

It’s not “gaining approval.” It’s showing competency and will. It’s showing you want it. It’s showing you have value. It’s showing you’re worth investing in.

If that’s too much, don’t come. I have countless people reaching out to me daily trying to get in.

And also, as I’ve said to the locker room before, I am ALWAYS AVAILABLE if anyone ever wants to or needs to have a conversation. I don’t know if I’ll be right, but I will give my best effort and opinion in complete confidence.