Adam Copeland (Edge) gives his thoughts on AEW world champion MJF

While speaking to ESPN, Adam Copeland (formerly Edge) gave his thoughts on AEW world champion MJF. Copeland revealed what he likes about MJF…

“His confidence. You can do so much with confidence. You can make people believe with confidence. You can make people feel with confidence. Whatever feeling it is that you want to pull out of people. More than anything, that, to me, is the key with him. He has supreme confidence with the microphone, and he looks confident in the ring. Confidence translates, it really does. When you can tell someone is having fun doing what they’re doing, whether it’s poking the bear or whether it’s everybody’s scumbag. Whatever that is, to me, it starts with confidence. That’s with any performer.

Max has confidence and that’s honestly the first step. That can take ages for people and that can never happen for some people. I don’t think I fully felt comfortable until about 2005 [that] is where I really started feeling my groove and my confidence and really came together. That’s when I started main eventing.” (quotes courtesy of