WWE Hall of Famer believes that Tony Khan is “beyond help” when it comes to structuring AEW shows

During his Strictly Business podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff was asked if there is anybody that AEW President Tony Khan could bring in to help structure AEW programming better. Here was Bischoff’s response…

“I think Tony’s beyond help. I don’t think Tony Khan is the type of person that wants help. I think Tony Khan more than anything else wants to be Paul Heyman or wants to be Vince McMahon.”

“Yeah, this is a vanity project. He loves wrestling, okay, I get it. He loves wrestling. He loves it. He loves it with every fiber of his being. That doesn’t mean he’s good at it. And unless Tony recognizes that he’s not good at it. You could bring in anybody you wanted to and it won’t work because he won’t listen, not to the extent that he needs to. I wouldn’t wish that position on anybody that I know. Absolutely not.” (quotes courtesy of TJRWrestling.net)