Shotzi Blackheart addresses her spoof of Chris Jericho’s Blood and Guts cage bump

As previously noted, Shotzi Blackheart tweeted a GIF that was spoofing the bump Chris Jericho took from the Blood and Guts cage match this past May.

Jericho responded to Shotzi’s GIF by stating the following during a live stream…

There’s a couple of chicks in WWE who said some stuff and they should probably not have said that. They probably weren’t trained any better, and in 6 months they’ll probably be asking us for a job anyways and I’ll remember that, so we’ll leave it at that.

In an interview with Alex McCarthy of, Shotzi said the following about the spoof…

I meant no offense to Chris Jericho. I thought, honestly, the match was great. But, you know what… like, take a joke, Take a joke, bud! [laughs]. It’s just a GIF,” she stated. “Laugh at it and move on. It’s live TV. Things happen, it’s pro wrestling. Don’t take life too seriously is all I have to say.

In the interview, Shotzi also said that she found out about her main roster call-up on the same day that her and Tegan Nox debuted on Smackdown.

Shotzi Blackheart and Tegan Nox talk Chris Jericho heat, WWE SmackDown call up, and being starstruck by Kane and The Undertaker

Shotzi and Nox are the hottest new tag team on SmackDown right now after making their debut a few weeks ago. In NXT, Shotzi Blackheart had a successful run with Ember Moon in a team while Tegan Nox has been on the verge of breaking out big in WWE for a while, but injuries have always gotten in the way.