Results of the RAW tag team titles match at WWE Money in the Bank 2021

RAW Tag Team Titles
AJ Styles and Omos (c) vs. The Viking Raiders (Erik and Ivar)

* Footage was shown of the Raiders competition vignettes with the Street Profits from last year.

* Styles got a huge pop for his entrance and there was an “AJ Styles” chant early in the match.

* Omos was quickly tagged in and both Raiders tried to take him down but were unsuccessful. Styles tagged in and went to work on Ivar. Omos helped launch Styles to the outside onto Erik.

* The Raiders got a bit of offense on Styles but Omos tagged back in and dominated. Omos lifted Ivar off the top rope and slammed him down. Omos went for a cover with one foot but Ivar kicked out.

* The Raiders double teamed Omos and got him out of the ring. The Raiders hit the Viking Experience on Styles but Omos shoved Erik into Ivar to stop the pinfall attempt.

* Omos tagged back in and pinned Erik with a tree slam.