Results of the women’s MITB ladder match at WWE Money in the Bank 2021

Women’s Money in the Bank ladder match
Asuka vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Nikki A.S.H. vs. Liv Morgan vs. Zelina Vega vs. Natalya vs. Tamina

* Footage was shown of Alexa’s 2018 MITB ladder match victory and then her successful cash-in later during the night. Footage was shown shown of Asuka winning the ladder match in 2020.

* Everyone except Alexa went to the outside of the ring to grab ladders when the match started. Alexa got a German suplex from Asuka after trying to use her powers to bring down the briefcase.

* Alexa put Zelina Vega in a trance when both of them were climbing the ladder and made Zelina climb down. However, Alexa was knocked off the ladder before she could grab the briefcase.

* Naomi picked up some momentum with her unique offense on multiple opponents. Natalya was able to stop Naomi from climbing to the top of the ladder.

* Nikki ASH had her moment when she jumped off a ladder from the outside onto the group that was fighting in the ring. Nikki and Alexa then had a confrontation with Alexa hitting her own version of Sister Abigail. Natalya and Tamina worked together to stop Alexa. All the competitors then buried Alexa in ladders as the crowd booed.

* Multiple ladders were set up and everyone except Alexa and Nikki climbed up the ladders. Nikki managed to sneak up past everyone to get the briefcase and win the match.