Results of Cruiserweight Title match from WWE NXT Takeover: Stand and Deliver

NXT Cruiserweight Title unification ladder match
Jordan Devlin (NXT Cruiserweight Champion) vs. Santos Escobar (Interim NXT Cruiserweight Champion)

* A few minutes into the match, Devlin pulled a ladder from under the ring and used it on Escobar and then the ladder was set up in the corner. Escobar ended up throwing Devlin into it and Devlin fell to the outside of the ring. Escobar continued using a ladder as a weapon on Devlin and brought another ladder into the ring. Devlin came off the ladder with a DDT but Escobar was able to regain control.

* Devlin regained momentum and hit a moonsault off a ladder onto Escobar. Devlin was about to grab the titles when the rest of Legado Del Fantasma attacked him.

* Despite the attack, Devlin was able to stop Escobar once Legado Del Fantasma left the ringside area. Both were on top of the ladders and Devlin hit a Spanish Fly.

* Both recovered and climbed the ladder at the same time. Escobar knocked Devlin off the ladder and Devlin crashed through a ladder in the corner below. Escobar grabbed the titles to win the match and celebrated with his young son who was wearing a lucha mask.