Results of Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus vs. Damage CTRL at WWE Wrestlemania 39

Becky Lynch, Lita, and Trish Stratus vs. Damage CTRL (Bayley, Iyo Sky, and Dakota Kai) took place at WWE Wrestlemania 39 Saturday. Here are the highlights…

* Becky, Lita, and Trish had a black and white comic book entrance.

* Before the match started, there was a brief staredown and then everyone started brawling. Becky’s team cleared the ring. After the bell rang, Damage CTRL was able to take control and work over Becky. Bayley prevented Trish from being able to make the tag. Becky was eventually able to tag out to Lita. Damage CTRL used the numbers game to regain the upper hand.

* Trish got a hot tag and started building up momentum for her team. Damage CTRL once again tried to play the numbers game but this time Lita and Becky evened the odds.

* Bayley hit the rose plant on Becky but Lita broke up the pin attempt. Everyone ended up on the outside and Iyo hit a moonsault onto everyone. Everyone got back in the ring before the ten count.

* Everyone started brawling again. Lita hit a moonsault to Iyo and Dakota. Becky hit an avalanche manhandle slam and pinned Bayley.