Results of Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn at WWE NXT Deadline 2022

Alba Fyre vs. Isla Dawn took place during the WWE NXT Deadline 2022 PLE. Here were the highlights…

* Fyre went right after Dawn and took her to the outside of the ring. Back in the ring, Dawn took control and exposed one of the middle turnbuckles. Dawn worked over Fyre and got a nearfall after hitting double knees off the top rope. Fyre started to build momentum after coming off the top with a dive to Dawn on the outside. Fyre hit a gory bomb on the floor and then sent Dawn back into the ring.

* Fyre hit a swanton off the top rope but the referee had a substance coming out of his mouth. Dawn took advantage and another referee ran down. As the second referee was checking on the first one, Dawn sent Fyre into the exposed turnbuckle and then picked up the pinfall victory.