Original idea for Kurt Angle’s birthday celebration on WWE Smackdown revealed

During his podcast, Kurt Angle discussed his birthday celebration from the December 9th 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown and how the original idea was slightly different from what aired on television…

“Well, I approached WWE and I said, ‘Listen, your Olympic Hero is gonna have a birthday on December 9. You’re gonna be in Pittsburgh, WWE is gonna be a Pittsburgh, it’s a perfect time to celebrate my birthday.’ So they were like, ‘Yeah, yeah, we’ll think about it. They came back to me and they said, Okay, we’re gonna do something.'”

“They wanted me to do the milk truck segment again. They decided to have a bunch of heels talk about me during the show, all through the show, putting me down, and ripping on me. Then, in the end, they were coming out to the ring because I was supposed to have my celebration, I don’t show up, and the heels are in the ring with all the birthday cake and everything, and I come in with milk truck and I go down and I spray them down. I tell them, ‘Hey, you can’t have cake without milk.’ It’s awesome. When I was told this, I was so excited. Because that was my favorite moment in WWE. Driving that milk truck into the arena in Sacramento, California. It was my number one moment, I absolutely love that I had such a great time doing it. And it was an awesome moment for me to be able to do it again.” (quote courtesy of Robert DeFelice)