Cathy Kelley comments on why she left WWE and what led to her return

During an appearance on Kristian Harloff’s The Big Thing podcast, WWE personality Cathy Kelley commented on why she left WWE and what led to her return…

“You know, I really wanted room for growth. And it feels like at the time, I had hit a cap there of what I was able to do. So there were other projects that I wanted to work on like writing a movie, which I ended up doing, writing a couple pilots and treatments for projects. With WWE’s schedule it doesn’t always allow you to focus on other creative ventures, and those are things that are — I mean, as you guys know very very very time consuming.”

“So [I] got to do those things um and then yeah, always stayed in touch with Stephanie [McMahon] and Hunter [Triple H] throughout that. So they knew all the projects that I was working on. They made it very clear that the door was always open, and then [it] just kind of happened. I saw, I think just like a lot of other people on the internet, that Hunter was going to be running everything. But I think around the same time, it was right around his birthday because I remember I just sent him a birthday text. And that’s kind of what snowballed everything for for me coming back. It turned from a text into a Zoom call with Stephanie, and conversations just kept on going. So it seemed like the right time, right opportunity.” (quotes courtesy of