Mercedes Mone fires back at fan that claims she left WWE due to “creative issues”

Due an autograph signing at New York Comic Con last week, the following exchange went down between a fan and former WWE star Mercedes Mone aka Sasha Banks….

Fan: “How has New Japan Wrestling treating you? I know that you left WWE because of the creative issues…”

Mone: “So, is that the reason?”

Fan: “That’s what I read.”

Mone: “Oh, that’s what you read. But you weren’t there, so no.”

Fan: “So what’s the real reason?”

Mone: “Why would I tell you?”

Fan: “I want to know.”

Mone: “You ain’t going to see my interview. You ain’t going to read my book. You ain’t going to see me in the future.”

Fan: “I do all of that. Yeah.”

Mone: “All right then, just wait. Thank you JJ. Appreciate you. Keep on reading your fiction books. Okay.”

In late 2022, Dave Meltzer of noted that WWE and Mercedes did not reach terms for a new contract and they were reportedly “far apart” on money. It’s believed that when the Triple H regime started, Mercedes was in negotiations to return and it was close to a done deal but they couldn’t agree to financial terms.