Sasha Banks and Naomi’s WWE return deal said to be “as good as done”

As previously noted, an agreement was reportedly reached for Sasha Banks and Naomi to return to WWE.

During the Sunday Night’s Main Event podcast, Dave Meltzer of commented on the matter…

“Last week, which is the last I checked, the contract hadn’t been signed but they were all expecting that it was happening. They were all on the same page. I was basically told it’s as good as done but they haven’t signed so it could fall through. They may have already signed by now but a week ago, [I was told] they’re back. It could be tomorrow, it could be in a couple of weeks. It’s whatever day they want. They are probably pacing things. You don’t want to show all your cards in week 1 (after Triple H taking over). You want to have something big to talk about every week for the next couple of weeks. An agreement in principle was reached over a week ago.” (quote courtesy of