Report on why WWE and Sasha Banks couldn’t agree to terms on a new contract

As previously noted, Sasha Banks’ WWE departure was confirmed to have been negotiated “months ago” and she is expected to appear for NJPW starting in January.

In regards to the situation between Sasha and WWE, Dave Meltzer of noted that the two sides did not reach terms for a new contract and they were reportedly “far apart” on money. It’s believed that when the Triple H regime started, Sasha was in negotiations to return and it was close to a done deal but they couldn’t agree to financial terms.

Sasha was reportedly seeking a number similar to Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair but people internally claimed she wasn’t offered anything close. Meltzer wrote the following…

“They said that she’s not seen internally as somebody who would be on top for the next five years, but is seen as someone who could get a singles or tag team title run, but has peaked as a star aside from the reality that was acknowledged that if she would return, there would be a ‘honeymoon’ period where people would go nuts for her.”

Meltzer added that people within WWE believe that Sasha will return at some point but have no idea when due to the money situation.