Jeff Hardy opens up about getting arrested for obtaining pills illegally

In a clip from the Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, Jeff Hardy talked about his drug arrest from 2009…

“I was ordering pills illegally in the mail [and] got busted. SWAT team comes into my house, me and my wife and our little dog. I was busted. I got busted for getting pills illegally. I thought my life was over. [I] went to jail that weekend. It was a mind-blowing experience. I was terrified. I thought my life was over. That was the time that really scared me straight. When I realized that ‘okay, things might be okay. This might not be the end of my life. As long as I get clean and I do what I need to be doing and staying clean and staying out of trouble. Things are going to be alright.’ And that led to 2010 man. My wife gave birth to our first daughter, and then five years later to our second daughter. But yeah, leaving WWE where I was, and then it was like, oh my god, total rock bottom.”

“It’s terrifying when you’re looking at it [with] your wife beside you. Handcuffed, face down to the floor. I wrote a song about it called rebellious. It’s about that fear. All those cops in there. It was terrifying. It was completely surreal. But again, overall, in the big picture of everything, [it has] made me a better human being. They were huge mistakes. I was like, ‘I’m probably never going to go back to WWE, they can never trust me again, after all this.’ Even though if I’m doing good in this other wrestling world, I just didn’t know.” (quotes courtesy of