Jake Paul appears at Crown Jewel press conference and cuts promo on The Bloodline

On Friday, WWE held a 2022 Crown Jewel press conference in Saudi Arabia. Logan Paul’s brother Jake made an appearance and said the following to The Bloodline…

“My brother will do the unthinkable and beat Roman Reigns, just like they said I wouldn’t be Anderson Silva. And guess what, Paul Heyman? You said it first, remember? Remember when you lied to the WWE fans and said that Anderson would knock me out? Well, guess what, buddy. I exterminated the spider. And that’s what my brother is going to do tomorrow against Roman Reigns.”

Logan Paul is set to challenge Roman Reigns for the unified WWE Universal Title at Crown Jewel. Jake Paul will be in his brother’s corner for the match. Stay tuned to NoDQ.com on Saturday afternoon for results coverage.