Fans of WWE and Roman Reigns said to be the most intelligent compared to other sports

The website published the results of a study regarding the most intelligent sports fans. The site noted that it “administered a remote IQ test to 1,006 US sports fans to determine the most and least intelligent sports fans in the USA.”

The site also stated the following…

The data found that Wrestling fans were the smartest overall, with participants earning a
collective IQ score of 112.6.

Hockey fans came second, with a collective IQ score of 112.3, while NASCAR fans were found to be the least intelligent, with an average IQ score of 95.2.

With high scores across Verbal Intelligence, Mathematical Ability, Logical Reasoning and Visual Reasoning, it would appear that those fond of Wrestling (WWE) are an intelligent group of sports fans.

Here were how the leagues ranked in the study…

WWE – 112.6

NHL – 112.3

NBA – 110.7

NFL – 105.9

MLB – 101.3

NASCAR – 95.2

Here were the top five average IQ scores of various fanbases…

Roman Reigns – 126.4

Daniel Bryan – 122.2

Boston Bruins – 120.3

Detroit Red Wings – 118.6

Houston Texans – 117.8


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