Tony Khan talks about why AEW didn’t have a Thunderdome setup

In an interview with, AEW President Tony Khan talked about why AEW didn’t have a Thunderdome setup like WWE during the Covid-19 pandemic…

“I didn’t want to have a video wall, and I pushed back when I got pushed to do a video wall,” Khan said. “It was a fine idea and WWE did it, but it wasn’t what I wanted to do. I respect it, it’s good and it’s economical, but I wanted to continue to find a way to do the shows for the fans every week. And the fans at Daily’s Place supported us. We built like a wrestling territory having a weekly audience. I’m really proud of that.”

Khan also commented on Double or Nothing and the safety of AEW shows during the pandemic…

“I thought it was one of our finest moments as a company, and I was really glad to come back and do the first big 100% totally safe wrestling show. The thing I take most pride in doing these live events is having zero transmissions. We’ve been doing shows since August with fans and have had zero transmissions.”

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