Dax Harwood gives his thoughts on wrestling writer Dave Meltzer and star ratings

During his podcast, Dax Harwood of FTR gave his thoughts on longtime wrestling writer Dave Meltzer…

“I respect Dave Meltzer as far as the journalism that goes into the history of professional wrestling. For example, when someone passes away and he writes these beautiful, eloquent [obituaries]. So eloquent, so beautifully put. It’s incredible, and it’s so detailed. I have a lot of respect for him in that aspect.”

“What I don’t necessarily have a lot of respect for is the favorites that are played; the information that is skewed to fit a certain narrative. I don’t have a lot of respect for that, [or] even his star ratings. Rate whatever you want, however you want. If you don’t believe is five stars, that’s fine. But I tell you this. I watched the Brainbusters vs the Hart Foundation from Summerslam 1989. He gave it two stars. I’d give it a good… at least four stars. It’s a beautiful match. The way they work together and the tag team psychology, and how they use each other, and use the referee. That’s tag team wrestling. But he didn’t enjoy that match. I did. I love the match. His star ratings, that’s his opinion. The historian Dave Meltzer, I have a lot of respect for. The journalist who puts out a narrative that him and his buddies want to? Little less than top notch respect from me.” (quotes courtesy of 411Mania.com)