Tony Khan says Eric Bischoff has been taking shots at AEW that aren’t “rational or logical or truthful”

During an interview K&C Masterpiece, AEW President Tony Khan was asked why he doesn’t get along with former WCW President Eric Bischoff. Here was Khan’s response…

“It’s an interesting question. There haven’t been that many wrestling companies that have risen to international prominence. There aren’t that many wrestling companies in modern history that have sold tens of thousands of tickets and hundreds of thousands pay-per-views. In that sense, Eric and I do have something in common. I do respect his accomplishments. He just has a show, a podcast, that is largely devoted to taking shots at us and a lot of it isn’t rational or logical or truthful. I don’t think those things seem to matter to him anymore.

I do respect what he accomplished with WCW. It was a great company. In that sense, I do respect him. We’re on TNT and TBS, that’s something I have in common with Eric, there aren’t a lot of people that produced a lot of wrestling shows on TBS and TNT. That’s one thing we do have in common.” (quote courtesy of Jeremy Lambert)