Former WWE star Mandy Rose addresses the company ignoring her from history

In a video package for Tatum Paxley that aired on WWE NXT last week, numerous NXT women champions from the past were mentioned but former WWE star Mandy Rose was not one of them. Via Twitter/X, Mandy wrote very disappointing but not surprised in response to the video.

While appearing on the Power Alphas podcast, Mandy addressed the matter…

“I also think it’s kind of funny and hypocritical where like you can’t get recognized on TV. Let’s say, you know, including my name in that long list of superstars but yet you can still sell my merch and action figures for the rest of my life. That part really gets me a little bit in a sense. Like, you’re gonna be able to sell my stuff for the rest of my life but yet you can’t even showcase, like, or say my name?” (quote courtesy of