Cody Rhodes teases that his direction in 2022 is ‘not the path you think’

During an appearance on Sammy Guevara’s video blog, Cody Rhodes reflected on his 2021 and talked about the future…

“I am thankful for me for all of the sacrifices that I have made and all of the hard work I’ve been doing since I was 15 having never taken a day off. Nepotism my ass…I’m thankful for those sacrifices that have put me in this position to have almost immeasurable wealth as a wrestler, dumb wealth, NFL level wealth.”

“I have no complaints, I am thankful to the fans that cheer me and I am thankful to the fans that boo me because both sets of fans are getting ready to go on a ride that’s just bizarre and it’s not the path that you think. We’re not doing what’s been done before.” (quotes courtesy of