News regarding Veer Mahaal’s status with the WWE RAW brand

Vignettes have been airing on WWE RAW over the past few months to hype up Veer Mahaan’s debut as an official member of the brand. “Veer is coming” has become an internet meme due to it being over two months since the first video aired. WWE even made a reference to AEW’s “Send Hook” phrase by tweeting “Send Veer” on Monday.

Fightful Select noted the following regarding the matter…

“Fightful was told that as of the time the videos began airing there were no ‘significant creative plans in place for Veer or his debut.’ We’re not sure if that has changed since then, but we’re also told by WWE sources they are self aware of the comedic nature behind stretching this out.”

Mahaan has been competing on Main Event in recent weeks.