Booker T reveals which WWE NXT star he thinks could be the “next big thing”

During his recent podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T commented on the WWE NXT Champion Karrion Kross…

“I’ve been all in (on Karrion Kross). He’s a throwback. He’s a big guy, he looks like a grown man when he walks out the curtain. There’s no discrepancy as far as, you know, ‘Man, this guy here, he’s a big guy, he comes out and works like a big guy.’ I like everything about Karrion Kross. He looks mean, he’s got the scowl… There’s nothing pretty about Karrion Kross. He comes out and gets the job done. I’d love to see him make a move to the main roster.”

“The thing I know about Karrion Kross is, when he walks out of the curtain, just his appearance says this guy here could be the ‘next big thing.'” (quotes courtesy of