Big E wants to see the ‘forbidden door’ opened between WWE and AEW

During an interview with Robbie Fox, WWE Champion Big E talked about the “forbidden door” possibly opening between WWE and AEW…

“I have friends over there. I have people who I think are incredibly talented, might not be friends, but I’m a fan of so much that is going on over there.”

“I know fans love the sniping and love the back and forth, I think it’s often entertaining too. It’s not really my cup of tea because there are so many people I root for over there and I think competition is great for everyone, all around. I’m glad fans are engaged. It’s not my thing, but do you. People love pot-stirring and it’s interesting. Will we ever see a WWE vs. AEW crossover? I don’t know if it’s ever feasible, but is that forbidden door going to be open here, between us and them? Imagine that. That would be incredible.” (quotes courtesy of