Big E talks about the inherent dangers of performing in the wrestling business

As previously noted, Big E announced that he suffered a broken neck during the March 11th 2022 edition of WWE Smackdown. Big E recently commented on how a doctor told him that he narrowly avoided a stroke, paralysis, or death from the C1 fracture.

In an interview with, Big E discussed the seriousness of the injury…

“I think to be great at something like [pro wrestling], or at least to be competent, you can’t spend all your time worrying about possibly fatal injuries or breaking your neck. You have to go out there and be free and in the moment. I think a lot of us as performers don’t spend a lot of time thinking about that stuff. I never thought I would be.”

“I have no issue whatsoever with Ridge [Holland]. He’s reached out and said some very kind things. … What we do is dangerous, and there are inherent dangers. And to that degree, we all kind of know what we sign up for, and it was unfortunate that it went down that way. But I’m not dead. I’m alive. I’m doing well.”