Booker T addresses his status as an in-ring performer and if he’ll wrestle for WWE again

As previously noted, 57-year-old Booker T competed for his Reality of Wrestling promotion over the weekend. During his podcast, Booker T commented on speculation about him possibly having another match in WWE…

“I wouldn’t call it an in-ring return. I would think I never really left the ring, really. I haven’t officially said I retired or anything like that. So any time sees me inside the ring, I’m just back, you know what I mean?”

“You’ve heard me say it many times, man, I have no itch to scratch or anything like that. Stepping back in the ring is not something I’m looking to do. I always said if WWE was to ask me to come back I’ll do it, but it’ll only be for the check. But to do it for Reality Of Wrestling, a company that I built with my own two hands … It meant a lot, and it’s special to see the guys around the wrestling community respond to, there again, not a WWE show, but a Reality of Wrestling show. It just makes the world see Reality of Wrestling in a different light.” (quotes courtesy of