Becky Lynch comments on a WWE star that she feels is the “future of the business”

During an interview with Verge Magazine, Becky Lynch gave praise to her WWE RAW rival Rhea Ripley…

“I think Rhea is one of the greatest female athletes that we’ve ever seen. I think she’s incredible. She is so young, so full of potential. I look at her and I go ‘well, that’s the future of the business and the business is in good hands.’ She’s the future but I’m still the present. There can only be one Man around the place. If I have to put her in her place then I’ll put her in her place.”

“Plus she’s hanging around with somebody that I know pretty well. In fact, somebody that taught me nearly everything that I know. There’s an interesting dynamic there because she’s got Finn Bálor in her corner. I’ve known Finn for over 20 years, so it would be interesting to see what side he would take, you know, if push came to shove.”