Wrestle Review: Swole Out And NXT WarGames Predictions

Earlier this week it was announced online that AEW and Big Swole have parted ways. In the ring, Cody pinned Andrade Wednesday on Dynamite WHILE ON FIRE! Cody actually grabbing a golden shovel during the match was either funny or telling. I think it was Cody being self-aware of the internet saying he buries people. The future of Andrade will tell the tale.

Next week’s Dynamite will see Young Bucks beating Rocky Romero and Chuck Taylor. This past Friday saw FTR retain the tag titles against Lucha Brothers thanks to Malaki Black spitting mist into Pac’s good eye.

Beth Phoenix will leave the NXT announcers booth after War Games this weekend, as was announced earlier this week. I imagine she’ll team with Edge in a feud with Miz and Maryse. The last part is my speculation, but I expect it. I see Miz and Maryse vs Edge and Beth at Day One next month. Liv will lose her title match with Becky Lynch this Monday. Rematch at Day One? Kevin Owens was added to the Day One WWE Championship match at the ppv. Last hurrah before Owens leaves WWE? I doubt it. Now to the NXT ppv!

Five matches make up NXT’s War Games event this weekend. Complete with my prediction, here we go:

NXT tag team championships: Imperium successfully defends against Kyle O’Reilly and Von Wagner.
Hair vs Hair: Duke Hudson defeats Cameron Grimes
NXT Cruiserweight champion Roderick Strong drops his title to Joe Gacy. I was about to pick Strong but, I see this as being 2.0 night. Also, I think Baby Kane interferes on Gacy’s behalf. Anyone else think that dude Gacy hangs with looks a little Kane-ish?

Women’s War Games match: Toxic Attraction and Dakota Kai will outlast Raquel, Io, Cora and Kay Lee Ray. Conversely, in the men’s War Games match, I see NXT 2.0 outlasting the Originals. See, the entire premise of this show is to get over the new brood. Remember the old WCW New Blood Rising event? Of course, you don’t. That whole thing was garbage. Anyway, it’s like that. Yes, I just equated NXT 2.0 to WCW’s New Blood era.

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