Wrestle Review: AEW Dynamite fell flat for me this week

Fellow wrestling fans, it’s time I share a hard truth. Deep breath….nobody is perfect. Just like there is no one person who does everything, there is no one perfect wrestling promotion that does everything right all the time. For instance, WWE has implemented a New Year’s Day event called Day One. Well, that’s a little obvious. It’s on January 1 which is the first day of the year. I get that one. They better have the Uso’s on the show, though. I mean, their catchphrase is “day one ish”. It’s kind of a no-brainer.

WWE split Miz and Morrison this past Monday. The two will have a match against each other this coming Monday. I can only assume that one of them will end up on Smackdown in the upcoming draft that I heard months ago would be happening after SummerSlam. Well, it’s after SummerSlam and no draft. Maybe in a few weeks? That was pretty much the only thing of note on Raw for me tis past week. Oh, it looks as if Damien Priest might be the next to lose to Bobby Lashley. At least Priest won the U.S. title from Sheamus last Saturday. Because he’s sure not winning the WWE title from Lashley. There’s honestly nobody currently on Monday who I see beating Bobby. So, a draft would be a wise move.

AEW Dynamite fell flat for me this week. The “main event” of Malakai Black vs Brock Anderson felt like a squash match on an old episode of WWF Superstars. Then, “Big Shotty”(terrible nickname, btw) Lee Johnson confronted Black and Black backed down. Let me repeat: Malakai Black backed down from Lee freaking Johnson. That’s about as believable as me getting my bluff in on Mike Tyson. So I guess they’ll add Black vs Johnson to All Out Saturday? Actually, I’d put that massacre on Dynamite Wednesday. Don’t waste that on pay-per-view. I will not pay $50 for that.

Speaking of All Out, Miro vs Eddie Kingston for the TNT championship has been added. We also know, as a result of their win on Rampage against Jurassic Express, that we’ll see the Lucha Brothers challenge The Young Bucks in a steel cage for the AEW tag team championships at All Out. I believe that will only be the second cage match in AEW history.

Remember at the top of this column when I said that nobody’s perfect and I went into WWE calling their new event on New Year’s Day “Day One”? There are actually two more imperfect things to discuss. I believe I read somewhere that Brock Lesnar was supposed to be on Smackdown to confront Roman Reigns. He was not. It was, instead, Fin Balor. Brock was advertised by someone. I can’t recall if it was on WWE’s official twitter or if a random fan just tweeted “hey, Brock will be there”. Not one to show favoritism or have rose-colored glasses, I must call out AEW as well. They advertised a face-to-face for last night between CM Punk and Darby Allin. That did not happen. I texted that to a friend this morning and promptly got the reply of a video taken when Rampage went off the air of CM Punk coming out to send the fans home happy. That’s great for the people who bought a ticket to the live show. The fact remains, someone(I believe it was Excalibur) said he’d be on and he wasn’t. Oh well. Do I seem salty at CM Punk? I found out Monday he blocked me on Twitter for no reason at all. I’ve never interacted with the man.

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