NoDQ&A: Who will defeat Bobby Lashley for the WWE Title, AEW increasing viewership, more

Welcome to NoDQ&A! I first started this series in 2010 and it was transitioned to video in 2011. I decided to bring back the series in text format so let’s get to your questions…

Stephen Brunson: “Who do you think will be the ones to dethrone Bobby Lashley & Roman Reigns to become the new WWE Champion & WWE Universal Champion?”

Ideally, the next champions should be guys that will carry WWE for years to come. I look at someone like Karrion Kross as a possibility for either title but we need to see how fans react to him and how he progresses on the main roster.

In regards to who beats Lashley, I would not be shocked if it ends up being Brock Lesnar.

As for Reigns, it’s hard to say because I don’t see Reigns losing the title anytime soon unless Edge wins at Money in the Bank. In my opinion, Reigns should stay champion until at least Wrestlemania 38 but I could see Edge possibly winning the title to create that “feel-good” moment with the return of fans. I suppose Edge could have a short run and lose it right back to Reigns on television.

Michael Washburn: “Hey Aaron. Do you believe AEW Dynamite has the potential to eventually rival Raw and SmackDown in ratings, and if so, what do you think it would take for them to get there?”

AEW needs a mainstream star for that to happen. AEW has a devoted fanbase but the company has yet to create a star that has drawn in new casual viewers. With a few exceptions, I don’t think there any existing stars or free agents that could move the needle that much. The Rock and John Cena could help AEW but it’s highly unlikely that either of them join the company. MAYBE CM Punk could move numbers to a degree but I’m not sure how much appeal he has outside of the core wrestling fanbase.

WWE’s television viewership has seen a steady decline and I believe it’s in the realm of possibility that AEW’s numbers could rival WWE within a few years. However, the same deal applies to WWE when it comes to creating a new star. All it takes is the rise of one new mainstream star in either company for there to be a spike in viewership.

Dwayne Atkisson: “I’ve heard people say that Vince couldn’t pay them enough to go into the hall of fame..:are they actually paid if they go in or is it just a ring plaque and recognition? Just wondering”

Bruno Sammartino had stated in an interview that he was paid around $5,000 for his appearance. Bruno was the headliner so I would assume that the amounts vary depending on the person. In addition to an appearance payment, the Hall of Fame opens up opportunities to make money such as a Legends contract as well as additional bookings with both WWE and independent promotions.

Mathias Brien: “Hello Aaron. Since its the 25 year anniversary of the NWO, what is your favorite moments and your worst moments of the NWO? Have a great summer and hope you got nice weather like we have in Stockholm, Sweden.”

Pretty much everything that happened with the NWO in the first 4-5 months was gold. From Scott Hall’s debut to Hulk Hogan’s heel turn to The Giant joining the group, it was a wild ride. Things started to go downhill for the group when there were too many members and the storyline got stale. I would say the worst moments of the NWO occurred in early 1999. There was one particular Nitro episode that was awful where Ric Flair was attacked by the group in a field.

The Holiday Christopher Mace: “When do you think we will get a Cody vs Nick Aldis match again as Cody can’t challenge for AEW title? Why not go back after the NWA world title again?”

It depends on if that is something both sides want to do. Cody appears to be starting up a storyline with Malakai Black so I don’t think he’ll be involved in the NWA Title picture anytime soon.

dj9o1: “If NBC happens to buy WWE do you think it would equal the end of wrestling as we know it? I ask due to their lack of assumed experience.”

No because even if WWE was sold (and that’s a big if), Vince McMahon and/or Triple H would likely still be in charge of operations. Regardless of what happens with a potential sale, I think WWE will continue to thrive as a business for a long time.

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