MR. TITO: Mandy Rose’s WWE Release, Vince McMahon Returning?, Triple H Talent Signings, & Sasha Banks

You know, I was just going to chill at the Retirement Home for Internet Columnists for the rest of 2022 and then just post my annual Predictions column by year-end. However, some breaking news brought me out the retirement facility as I have a bone to pick with wrestling fans who shamed me a few weeks ago. In fact, I have a FINGER OF SHAME to deliver, especially to those who worship at the alter of the “great” Triple H.

It’s funny how the WWE works… Everyone thought that by having Vince McMahon resign retire, everything would change in the WWE. In fact, NOTHING and I repeat NOTHING has change. It is still the same WWE with BAD Creative, a TERRIBLE Talent Developmental System, and conservative sticks up their arses even without Vince “lots of NDAs” McMahon gone.

Allow me to point out 4 significant news stories:

(1) Mandy Rose was released by the WWE today due to adult-based online content of hers that was made available or leaked.

(2) Vince McMahon wants to return and is pressing to make it happen (still allowed to be the #1 shareholder). The same guy who hit financial expenses of $19 million off the WWE books for various sexual encounters involving him or his buddy Johnny Ace. Other lawsuits may follow…

(3) Reportedly, Triple H is disappointed with the impact of the re-signed superstars that have been released during 2020-2022 that HHH personally brought back.

(4) Sasha Banks is reportedly done with the WWE, not wanting to return to the toxic culture that was probably underpaying her anyway.

Look at all of that HOT GARBAGE hitting the WWE fan right now, with at least 3 out of 4 stories dealing directly with the relations of women. This is the same culture that has been underpaying women for years, let female talent be harassed with terrible ribs, Vince McMahon sexually harassing or desiring favors of women employees or talent, John Laurinaitis running wild, calling female wrestlers “divas”, having many bra and panties matches, and having many, many storylines that belittled or violently attacked women for years.

Or has complete double standards. Tell me how Paige, Charlotte Flair, Seth Rollins, and many others are allowed to remain with the WWE when her personal videos or photos leak, but Mandy Rose has to go? I don’t have problems with any of those cases, as I’m lacking that “stick up my arse” that others appear to have… What people choose to do with their own free time and how they express themselves is their business, not mine. If that stuff is stolen and then leaks without their choice, that’s not their fault. EVEN if they make it available themselves, so what? What is so different with nudity versus what any female wrestler posts on their own Instagram accounts? Has everyone not seen private parts of women? What’s the real difference between hard nipples seen with a string bikini on versus seeing the actual nipples?

Sorry, but Mandy Rose has dedicated her life to the WWE since 2015 which means that her body has been slammed on that hard wrestling ring repeatedly. Meanwhile, she has been on the road and away from her family. In addition, WWE demoted her to the NXT brand and all she did, in return, was make the most of it and being the top draw for that awful NXT brand.

Wasn’t the WWE promoting appearances in Playboy magazine during the 2000s? Chyna, Sable, Torrie Wilson, etc… And yet we’re going berserk over Mandy’s body parts leaking online? Oh, that’s right… WWE got a percentage of the WWE superstars’ money for appearing in Playboy. THAT is why they are mad at Mandy.

But again… Paige, Charlotte, Seth, and many others had their nude body parts leak. Why is Mandy Rose, specifically, being singled out?

And did WWE hold meetings with Mandy about this? Maybe consider a suspension, at worst? Again, she has presented such value to the WWE? Where is the leniency?

Meanwhile, Vince McMahon is quoted in the Wall Street Journal, who has been CRUSHING IT on the WWE stories, about wanting to return and could force it to happen. It’s starting to convince me that Triple H has been nothing but a figurehead leader and has been folding like a chair anytime his Father-in-Law wants something. Ditto with daughter dearest Stephanie McMahon. He is the #1 WWE shareholder, but also the Dad of Stephanie and the guy who made Triple H a superstar AND gave HHH’s his daughter’s hand in marriage. As long as Vince McMahon is chomping at the bits to return, both of those appreciative relatives will fold like chairs to any of Vince’s demands.

For what? So that Vince McMahon could return and harass more women? His history of Non-Disclosure Agreements(NDA) and sexually performing wanted or unwanted advances should cause the remaining WWE Board of Directors to DEMAND that Vince McMahon sell his WWE shares. But nooooo, the Co-CEO is Stephanie McMahon, the EVP of Talent Relations/Creative/Live Events is Triple H, and BOTH Stephanie and Triple H are Board members themselves. Why don’t you just bring back John Laurinaitis back while you’re at it? Why not? If we’re going to get knee deep in pond scum, why not take the full dive?

And many of you have the NERVE to attack me and NoDQ for merely suggesting that a few wrestlers are getting a little excessive with their eye make-up.

By the way, I’m continually seeing calls by wrestling fans online and actual websites themselves to FIRE/TERMINATE Ronda Rousey. For what? Trying to earn gainful employment with the WWE? Oh the humanity that she isn’t the most sound WWE in-ring performer. Did you miss the many wrestlers who were released during 2020-2022 because the Performance Center struggled to prepare said wrestlers for the big WWE spotlight? Oh yeah, Triple H brought most of those performers back and MOST of them are struggling. Gee, who predicted that?

Sasha Banks appears to be done with the WWE… She has walked out TWICE based on Creative differences, but do you think that as a female, she’s not perceptive of how women are treated in the WWE? I’ll actively admit that male wrestlers draw more revenue than females, hence why they don’t Main Event as much as male wrestlers. However, you don’t see NDAs piling up on MALE employees. It’s all females and it’s involving the President/CEO or another EVP, positions of power in the WWE. I don’t blame Sasha for NOT wanting to come back to this completely toxic culture. If WWE doesn’t want to protect Sasha backstage, how would they want to protect her inside one of their events. Sasha has been reporting harassment by fans for years and WWE could do more to protect their female assets.

The FACT is that Sasha doesn’t want to return to Triple H’s WWE. While Sasha probably appreciates the lucky breaks afforded to her by Triple H’s NXT system, she knows that the WWE culture is still somehow led by Vince McMahon. She’s not stupid and knows that her value can be appreciated elsewhere WITHOUT the threat of sexual harassment or special favors for things. Frankly, I’m shocked that Vince McMahon and Kevin Dunn didn’t convince her to “enhance” herself, and maybe that is the reason for the poor Creative stuff surrounding her character. She was nothing but a loyal worker with one of the largest fanbases of any female performers, yet she cannot win a Wrestlemania match or retain a Women’s title on a Pay Per View? Really?

Folks, I’ve been telling you this from day one. The WWE culture is TOXIC and rotating chairs on the titanic won’t change anything. On one hand, they are OK with sexually harassing female employees to the point where Settlement Payouts and NDAs are signed… But then the “stick up their arse” appears when Mandy Rose’s naked body gets exposed online. OH MY GOSH, female body parts that we haven’t seen online already or in videos or magazines. Good grief, WWE… And how is her leaks any different than what others have posted? Hell, I’d argue that hers were tame in comparison to at least 2 other cases where sexual contact was shown (one with multiple WWE employees).

At least Mandy Rose took good care of the NXT Title, eh WWE? You don’t have to fear running any blacklights on her title.

Geesh… What a mess.

And stop it with your hypocrisy, Internet Wrestling Fans. You wanna show outrage? REFUSE to ever watch NXT again until Mandy is possibly reinstated and her rightful push continued. Mandy should be featured on the MAIN WWE roster and not this boring Tuesday night NXT dumpster. That’s how you do it, you know, like you threatened to stop viewing NoDQ or wanting me cancelled when I merely suggested that female wrestlers were naturally beautiful and maybe had too much eye make-up on. *GASP*

I’d recommend that Tony Khan rush to immediately sign Mandy Rose to a contact to AEW, but I wouldn’t wish that on anybody. AEW ruins everybody who joins them.

Even if what Mandy Rose did was wrong… Why can’t she be given a chance to apologize or make amends? Why trash her good name with this release and ruin all that she’s worked towards? That’s what I don’t get… This woman has done nothing but give up her body and time to the WWE, yet this is the thanks that she gets in return.

To her fellow Toxic Attraction wrestlers, good luck… Maybe WWE’s stick up its arse will discover Gigi Dolin‘s past as Priscilla Kelly and have a problem with the Tampon that she made another wrestler eat one time at an Indy event? Gigi is showing her butt cheeks often on Instagram… Oh no, WWE! What are you going to do?!?!

If you’re reading this and you’re mad about WWE releasing Mandy Rose, then make the WWE pay for it. At the very least, stop watching NXT… But go bolder than that. You don’t always have to have a WWE Network subscription on Peacock… You don’t have to always watch RAW on USA Networks or Smackdown on FOX. There are other ways to watch both. Make the WWE pay for their mistakes.

But if you don’t, you’re an enabler and a mark for the Vince McMahon fed product, double standards, hypocrisy, and mistreatment of women.

Whatcha gonna do if Vince McMahon officially returns? Where will your balls be then if he so outraged you before and would outrage you upon his return?

We should live in a world where talents like Mandy Rose and Sasha Banks are VALUED and pushed to the moon for their talents. We should also live in a world where meetings can be held and employees are allowed to make mistakes. Furthermore, we should live in a world where Women aren’t scared, intimidated, or disrespected at a workplace. We should also live in a world where scumbag actions from people like Vince McMahon are NOT tolerated and are shown the door. What Vince did was NOT a “mistake”, as it was a pattern of activity that cost him and the WWE almost $20 million from the cases that we know about.

I wish you the best, Mandy. This WWE exit might hurt at first, but could be the best thing for you. WWE’s culture is STILL toxic and this world has many great opportunities for women who are beautiful, smart, and talented like yourself. Trust me, WWE needs you more than you need them.

WWE is out of their minds to even THINK about bringing Vince McMahon back. Loyal WWE fans wanting to return, after all that he did to women, is seriously insane. What a joke…

So just chill ’til the next episode…

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