Degeneration Dex: Women’s Royal Rumble Review

Welcome to the ‘Degeneration Dex’ column!
Alright, I just want to be very clear that I’m only writing this because I promised that I would review the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble! So with that being said let’s get it started. 

I know I’m not alone when I say this was such an anticipated Royal Rumble match! We had returning hall of famers, legends of the past, and multiple current superstars who seemed to have a shot at winning and about seven unnamed competitors. This was anybody’s game and again, I was anticipating it! 

We kick off with Sasha Banks in a Sailor Moon cosplay look and…the legendary MELINA complete with her paparazzi and signature split introduction! We get a stare and posedown between the two and then Melina is tossed out shortly after. Ladies and Gentlemen, I should have known at that point that this would be the worst women’s Royal Rumble match yet.  

So Ronda Rousey makes a surprise return and wins the whole thing. Cool. The issue I had with the match overall is that it wasn’t fun! There were so many missed opportunities for interactions between talent who have a history together and the oddest eliminations ever (especially for the returning stars – some of those eliminations will make you question why they even bothered bringing the women back) 

If I had to pick a highlight, I would say it was WWE Hall of Famer Ivory returning with her RTC (Right To Censor) gimmick. It was a quick spot but served as some much-needed comic relief. 

I could get into how annoyed I was that we didn’t get a Naomi save spot (also no interaction with Cameron), how ridiculous it was that Sasha was eliminated so quickly (but then again, so were half of the competitors), how terrible it looks that our women’s tag champs didn’t bother to enter with their titles (or interact with the Bella’s), no active competitors returns (Lacey, Asuka, Bayley, Alexa) 

Overall, this was a terrible match point, blank, period. Love to hear your thoughts on the match! Until next time.