Mickie James comments on being in the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match

In a backstage interview after the 2022 women’s Royal Rumble match, Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion Mickie James commented on her appearance…

“If you would’ve said to me that this moment would be happening right now, I would’ve said you’re insane. And here we are. We went out there and made history. I mean, obviously I wanted to win, I had my sights set high because obviously the winner goes on to WrestleMania, and I wanted that moment, but just to go out there as WWE family, as Mickie James – the legend, but also as Mickie James… ‘Hardcore Country’ Mickie James, something that the WWE Universe never saw, and to represent Impact as the Knockouts World Champion… I thought I did a great job, I had a heck of a showing and I’m sorry guys, I didn’t win, but in my heart the world won because we just broke down one of the biggest ceilings you’ve ever seen, and we did it for the ladies! You know what I mean?”

“But yeah, it’s been an incredible night and I’m just grateful to be here, and for an opportunity to make history. So thank you, WWE. Thank you, Impact. Thank you, ladies. This was awesome, this was so awesome. I’m trying not to cry today, I’ve promised. I’ve cried, Beth [Phoenix] made me cry last night with her Instagram post, I’ve cried back there in Gorilla [Position], I’ve cried all day, but I’m tough, so I don’t cry, but thanks. I am ‘Hardcore Country’, I promise [laughs].” (quotes courtesy of WrestlingHeadlines.com)