Results of the 2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match

2022 men’s WWE Royal Rumble match

* AJ Styles was #1 and did Shawn Michaels’ pose on his way to the ring. Shinsuke Nakamura was #2. Austin Theory was #3. Robert Roode was #4. Roode had a faceoff with Styles and there was a “TNA” chant. Styles quickly eliminated Roode.

* Ridge Holland was #5. Montez Ford was #6. Damian Priest was #7. Sami Zayn was #8. Johnny Knoxville was #9 and had the Jackass crew with him. Knoxville immediately took down Zayn. Knoxville then had words with Styles. Knoxville threw a punch but Styles quickly got the upper hand. Ford then hit a frogsplash to Knoxville. Zayn took the credit and eliminated Knoxville but then Styles eliminated Zayn.

* Angelo Dawkins was #10. Omos was #11. Omos quickly eliminated both members of the Street Profits.

* Ricochet was #12. Chad Gable was #13. Gable wanted everyone to work together against Omos and had Priest go after Omos first. Omos eliminated Priest and then everyone ganged up on Omos. Dominik Mysterio was #14 and helped the group. Styles with a phenomenal forearm helped the group get Omos to the outside.

* Happy Corbin was #15. Dolph Ziggler was #16. Sheamus was #17. Rick Boogs was #18. Madcap Moss was #19. Moss ended up eliminating Styles.

* Matt Riddle was #20. Drew McIntyre was #21 in his first appearance since Day 1. McIntyre quickly eliminated Corbin and Moss. McIntyre continued to attack them on the outside of the ring. Kevin Owens was #22 and brawled with McIntyre. Rey Mysterio was #23. Kofi Kingston was #24 but was quickly sent to the outside by Owens. Kofi attempted to grab the barricade but his feet touched the floor and he was eliminated.

* Otis was #25. Big E was #26. Bad Bunny was #27 and got offense in on several people. Bunny gave Riddle a fist bump but then attacked him. Bunny then hit a Destroyer to Riddle. Sheamus went for a Brogue Kick but was eliminated by Bunny. Mysterio helped Bunny eliminate Ziggler.

* Shane McMahon was #28 and went right after Owens. Shane ended up eliminating Owens.

* Randy Orton was #29 and got a big pop in his hometown of St. Louis. Orton and Riddle cleaned house. They eliminated Big E and Otis.

* Brock Lesnar, who was screwed out of the WWE Title earlier, was #30. Lesnar eliminated Orton and was booed. Lesnar hit Bad Bunny with an F5 and dumped him out. Lesnar also dumped out Riddle and Shane leaving it down to him and McIntyre. McIntyre missed the claymore and Lesnar dumped him out to win the match.