WWE leaking AEW information to wrestling websites?

As previously noted, the October 8th 2021 edition of AEW Rampage drew the lowest viewership for the series to date.

The viewership numbers were officially released on Monday but “fast nationals” circulated around the internet over the weekend. Twitter account Voices of Wrestling (@VoicesWrestling) addressed the matter…

“Here’s the scoop. WWE is leaking the Rampage fast nationals. This was tipped off to us and then confirmed by at least one of the outlets that has been reporting them. Come up with your own motivations, but that’s who is feeding it to the news sites.

My theory is that their strategy is to present Rampage as AEW being weak. Smackdown airs on the same night, so it’s great P.R. to compare the numbers, especially since the general public has no understanding of what a good number is at Friday 10pm (I mean, just look at this app)

It’s also notable that these leaks weren’t happening until Rampage began to level off. Find me a fast nationals headline for the Punk return or Rampage being #1 on cable. WWE can only claim AEW isn’t competition for so long. P.R. leaks and 2.5 hour Smackdowns were inevitable.”