What’s being said about Vince McMahon’s backstage presence at the 6/5/23 edition of WWE RAW

It was reported by PWInsider.com that Vince McMahon was spotted backstage at the June 5th 2023 edition of WWE RAW in Hartford, CT along with a lot of other WWE office executives. Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.com noted that Vince has been making changes to WWE television shows via phone recently and he reportedly made “some major changes” to the April 24th edition of WWE RAW.

Twitter account Boozer aka Better Wrestling Experience #BWE, which has been leaking plans for WWE television in recent weeks, noted that there “no need to worry” about Vince being backstage at RAW. BWE added that “the rundown did not change since two nights ago” and there were only “tweaks” to segment placements.

Hartford, CT is just over an hour drive from WWE headquarters in Stamford, CT so it would make practical sense for Vince to make the trip to RAW.