The state of wrestling today: Silly arguments take place on Facebook pages debating the emptiness of an arena

Wrestling (or sports entertainment as some circles are calling it) has become a billion dollar juggernaut. Whether it’s t-shirts and PPVs (PLEs for those types) or streaming services, wrestling has hit a huge boon in viewership. But with the positives, come the negatives. In this day and age of social media fans have harbored tribalism toward their respective brands. If you’re a WWE fan, chances are you have extreme hatred toward AEW and Indy fans. If nothing more because it’s what they grew up on and what has been shoved down their throats since they were born. If you’re an AEW fan, you pretty much identify with what I stated above. You don’t consider “Sports Entertainment” wrestling, because the it’s not “wrasslin’”.

And if you’re into the Indy feds, you’re hoping that one day it would go back into the days of the territories. So everyone can take a step back and see what it was back in the day. No billion dollar corporations, no endorsement deals, or video games. Just wrestling…

Now I’m sure you’re wondering where this is leading. Why do we have to spend time worrying about who is watching what, or what people like? Seriously people!!! WAKE UP!!!

Wrestling is supposed to be fun! But as I sit here writing this article, I can’t help to think that silly arguments take place on Facebook pages debating the emptiness of an arena. All because of a picture of the hard camera side being empty at an NXT PPV…

With the division going on with the world today, wresting is supposed to bring us all together. A place where fans can be to have fun. Discuss storylines and have zero regrets doing it, regardless of what fed it’s in. Instead we are having petty arguments over how many stars this should have been rated on a match. Maybe about how many tickets were sold. How about how many tickets are left at Wembley for All In and what is considered a sell out?

It’s ok to be a fan, but for god’s sake we don’t need another Meltzer, McAfee, or Helwani.


Oh and before anyone says that I’m a mark…Your damn right, I’m a wrestling mark. And for the record a New Japan mark at that! And proud of it!