What led to Marcus “Buff” Bagwell being arrested on May 22nd 2021

As previously noted, former WCW star Marcus “Buff” Bagwell was arrested on Saturday, May 22nd 2021 and charged with various misdemeanors.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com was able to confirm that there was a car accident involving Bagwell on the 22nd in addition to Bagwell’s previous accident from August of 2020. According to police records, Bagwell was driving his 2007 Saab when he allegedly struck a 2006 Acura from behind. It was said that Bagwell drove away from the scene and the driver in the Acura followed Bagwell for two miles until Bagwell finally came to a stop.

Police noted that when they arrived, Bagwell said he didn’t stop because his vehicle was having “battery issues.” Police then found out that Bagwell had an outstanding warrant out for his arrest from the 2020 accident. At this point, Bagwell was taken into custody.

Bagwell has court dates scheduled on July 22nd for the 2020 incident and July 23rd for the latest incident.