Video: Unfinished Ultimate Warrior documentary titled “I Stand Alone” from 2007

From YouTube user Andrew William Wright…


In 2005 Warrior and I entered into a partnership to present the unadulterated story of his life. In a three year span which took the two of us to Washington D.C, Storrs, CT, London, ENG/UK, Memphis, TN, Los Angeles, CA and his home in Santa Fe, NM, we barely scratched the surface before hitting both a creative and personal impasse, halting the project indefinitely in 2008.

In 2007, Warrior asked me to edit together a demo/concept piece featuring highlights of who, what and where we’d captured together, resulting in this very piece.

Overly excited and pleased, on Valentine’s Day ’07, Warrior immediately called me upon previewing the piece stating, “It’s fantastic man, it’s rough, and we need more meat, but you’ve got it! Super job. And who did those fucking horrible voice overs?” I did, as an inside joke after Warrior requested no voice work be done in the piece, hence. I couldn’t resist but do them, and do them over the top!

We envisioned the final documentary and how it would finally illustrate Warrior’s undying passion for creativity, desire to inspire any and all open minds willing to listen, and to broaden the world’s perception of the life he maintained outside of professional wrestling.

Unfortunately, we never made it that far, and this rough cut, rudimentary concept film, personally reviewed and approved by Warrior in 2007, is all that remains of the dream we shared together of seeing a documentary forever emblazoning the name “WARRIOR” in marquee lights.