WWE reportedly in the process of firing numerous employees

Around the same time that news broke about Adnan Virk leaving WWE, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com reported that WWE is in the process of firing numerous employees.

WWE’s digital department was said to be “extremely hit hard” today with Jaylar Donlan, WWE’s Executive Vice President, Advanced Media Group being among the names let go. Donlan was said to have worked for the company for over eight years. Brian Pellegatto, Senior Vice President, Production was also among the names let go after being with the company for almost nine years.

Johnson noted the following…

“PWInsider.com has been told by multiple sources that a number of the divisions will be folded together under one division and will now be overseen directly by Executive Vice President, Television Production Kevin Dunn. That is expected to be announced to staffers later today.”

The reason given for the changes was that there were too many “redundancies across multiple departments” and the decision was made to merge the divisions.

Over the past month, WWE released numerous wrestlers from both the main roster and NXT with “budget cuts” being the reason given.