Update on Seth Rollins amidst speculation of him being legitimately injured

As seen during the January 2nd 2023 edition of WWE RAW, Seth Rollins was selling his knee at the end of his match against Austin Theory. Internet speculation about a possible legitimate injury started after Rollins tweeted the phrase “Redesign, Rebuild, Reclaim.” A photo also surfaced of Rollins at Abundant Health Phys Med in his hometown of Davenport, IA for IV drip therapy. However, the account made it clear that Rollins was “not sick or in bad health.”

On Monday afternoon, Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com addressed the speculation…

“Seth Rollins was never scheduled for this past weekend’s live events, so for those who have asked whether he was injured on RAW, that is not the case. The knee spots were all part of the storyline of the match with Austin Theory.”