Update on Samoa Joe possibly returning to the WWE NXT brand

As previously noted, there has been talk about Samoa Joe making a return to the WWE NXT brand in some capacity.

At the end of the NXT Takeover: In Your House PPV, William Regal was interviewed and talked about the “madness” in NXT. Regal teased that after seven years as commissioner, it might be time for a change.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer of F4WOnline.com talked about how it appears Joe will be the new authority figure for the show…

“So, I think that’s the cue for Samoa Joe. I don’t know that 100%. I was told today that Samoa Joe was gonna be in a Regal-like role, then all of a sudden Regal’s talking like he’s stepping down, so maybe the Regal-like role is Regal’s role. But if he’s leaving, based on what I was told, Samoa Joe was definitely the favorite to be the new Commissioner. But Joe is in, and he’s in as a non-wrestler, so I think that tells you that he’s not cleared.”

“He’s taken a job in NXT and he’s doing something there, and he may be the new authority figure on television, or he may not be. But he’s gonna be behind-the-scenes.” (quotes courtesy of WrestleTalk.com)

Mike Johnson of PWInsider.com confirmed that WWE will be bringing back Joe for the NXT brand…

“PWInsider.com is told that Triple H ‘snatched him back’ as soon as possible. One source told PWInsider.com that the second a decision by others to ‘let Joe back on the board’, Triple H was not happy and wanted him back in NXT as opposed to being elsewhere outside of WWE’s auspices.”