Tony Khan reportedly apologizes for incident during Full Gear media call

As previously noted, AEW President Tony Khan was in a media conference to promote the 2021 Full Gear PPV. At one point, Khan was asked if AEW had any plans for an all-women’s show similar to NWA Empowerrr. Khan responded with the following…

“I’m gonna cut off your question right there, because I don’t think I get enough credit for what I did for the NWA show. Because a good number of the people that wrestled on the NWA show were wrestlers that I sent and paid. So I do think I contributed because the highest paid wrestlers on that show were actually the people I paid separately from what they already make in AEW to go and wrestle on that show.

And I don’t think they (the NWA) did a very good job of telling people that. Even though it was in the deal that we did. I wish they told more people because it was one of the points I made when we closed. I said, ‘It would be nice if you told people I’m paying the wrestlers coming in, because that’s a big contribution from me’, if that makes sense. So I did pay the wrestlers for that show. It’s kind of like when you pay for a dinner and nobody thanks you.” (quote courtesy of

Ella Jay, who asked the question, wrote that Khan issued a private apology…

“Tony Khan & I have resolved today’s media call incident privately, and he apologized.

Thank you to all who brought awareness to today’s discussion.”