The Rock could potentially be defending his “people’s championship” against Cody Rhodes

As seen during the April 8th 2024 edition of WWE RAW, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson brought the “People’s Championship” to the ring that was awarded to him by Muhammad Ali’s wife for his segment with new undisputed WWE Universal champion Cody Rhodes. There was a moment where Rock and Cody briefly swapped titles.

It was reported earlier this week that Rock vs. Cody could potentially be the main event of Wrestlemania 41. In the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer of noted that Rock would prefer to work with Cody in the main event of Wrestlemania for the WWE title. While that would seemingly lock in Cody for a year-long reign as champion, there are apparently “no firm plans” for how long Cody will hold his title.

Meltzer also stated that “there are also ideas he’s presenting if needed to defend the people’s belt and obviously from the way the angle on RAW went down, that could be a belt vs. belt deal since they each held the others’ belt.”

Rock is said to like the idea of one-year builds for his matches. Meltzer brought up that had Rock not gotten injured at Wrestlemania 29 against John Cena, there were plans “to shoot an angle on the RAW after Mania where he’d be laid out by Brock Lesnar and do a one-year build.”